What I Want for Spring 2015 - Wedding Trends

Light - Sheer - Deconstructed
You can see wedding trends online in the fashion shows from Milan, Paris and New York. Some trends I've narrowed down for Spring 2015 are light, sheer and deconstructed. These designs are wispy, floaty and tattered with a bohemian, hippie look. While these are overall fashion trends, they apply to wedding fashions also. More details on Spring fashion trends for 2015 later. For now I'd like to focus on what I'd personally love to see for wedding trends this Spring.




I'd love to see things with a softer, matte style - things in cottons and silk blends with just a shimmer near the bodice. Soft is really under rated, but for a wedding it's important to not have a single stiff thing on your body. Fresh and soft !!


I'd love to see comfort take it's place in wedding designs. I love being gorgeous for anyone, but dresses with comfort built in so the bride can enjoy her day, the reception and even dancing are so needed !  Pockets would be awesome for some wedding designs, since some people love them. I confess I haven't added them to my designs yet either !


 A funny old term for winsome, adorable, cute, awesome....able to wrap your dude around your sweet fingers and hold on forever ! I love this trait because sophisticated can be quickly dull, but aren't there just people you can't help but love cause they're so amazing ??? I'd love to see dresses that embody this. Audrey Hepburn was fetching as well as sophisticated in a gentle way.


The one day you are allowed to be sweet and no one can object (successfully) is your wedding day. It's such a serious and solemn day in some ways and such a crazy joyful day in others. When you are baring your soul with your vows, it's OK to be sweet mixed in with other things too - flirty, simple, warm, genuine. So pink is fine, go with your heart !


I love tattered, vulnerable designs. The most desirable, sexy women to me are the vulnerable ones. You can be strong along with vulnerable - just be both ! The world has enough plastic people. Be yourself on your wedding day. It's hard to hold it all together through the engagement and wedding preparations. It's normal and really OK to cry, to be teary during your vows, to be a little fragile on this day. It shows you're real.