What I Want for Spring 2015 - Wedding Trends

Light - Sheer - Deconstructed
You can see wedding trends online in the fashion shows from Milan, Paris and New York. Some trends I've narrowed down for Spring 2015 are light, sheer and deconstructed. These designs are wispy, floaty and tattered with a bohemian, hippie look. While these are overall fashion trends, they apply to wedding fashions also. More details on Spring fashion trends for 2015 later. For now I'd like to focus on what I'd personally love to see for wedding trends this Spring.




I'd love to see things with a softer, matte style - things in cottons and silk blends with just a shimmer near the bodice. Soft is really under rated, but for a wedding it's important to not have a single stiff thing on your body. Fresh and soft !!


I'd love to see comfort take it's place in wedding designs. I love being gorgeous for anyone, but dresses with comfort built in so the bride can enjoy her day, the reception and even dancing are so needed !  Pockets would be awesome for some wedding designs, since some people love them. I confess I haven't added them to my designs yet either !


 A funny old term for winsome, adorable, cute, awesome....able to wrap your dude around your sweet fingers and hold on forever ! I love this trait because sophisticated can be quickly dull, but aren't there just people you can't help but love cause they're so amazing ??? I'd love to see dresses that embody this. Audrey Hepburn was fetching as well as sophisticated in a gentle way.


The one day you are allowed to be sweet and no one can object (successfully) is your wedding day. It's such a serious and solemn day in some ways and such a crazy joyful day in others. When you are baring your soul with your vows, it's OK to be sweet mixed in with other things too - flirty, simple, warm, genuine. So pink is fine, go with your heart !


I love tattered, vulnerable designs. The most desirable, sexy women to me are the vulnerable ones. You can be strong along with vulnerable - just be both ! The world has enough plastic people. Be yourself on your wedding day. It's hard to hold it all together through the engagement and wedding preparations. It's normal and really OK to cry, to be teary during your vows, to be a little fragile on this day. It shows you're real.


Planning A Simple Wedding

One thing that many brides find is that wedding planning is so overwhelming it can result in a big loss of time. The last thing an engaged couple needs is more stress. So wedding planning becomes Simple Wedding Planning. Even with that emphasis wedding plans can spiral out of control. As many authors on weddings point out, wedding costs can go crazy over all the extras. Most are just that, extras and aren't really necessary. So what do you need for a basic, low cost wedding ? The answers vary with the person answering, but here's my take based on my own experiences. I'll list things in the order I pursued and finished them, roughly.

The Dress

I don't know about other brides, but my first consideration was my dress. It was most important to me to have that worked out and a sense of how I'd look going down the aisle. Once done, I could concentrate on lesser things.

Low cost options include buying a white sundress or other strapless dress and remaking or embellishing it. You can find many white dresses, especially in Spring or the end of Summer clearance racks. I find white dresses regularly in thrift shops that beg to be recreated. Many times all that's needed is a simple low key embellishment. Cotton dresses are perfect for this, as are silk and lots of light fabrics like filmy voiles and tulles.

Another option is a top and skirt combination with a tulle ballerina type skirt and a simple camisole top. Add a tiny embellished jacket or sash and you're done.

Be careful with thrift items that the dress actually fits well as is. A bit too small is going to be a problem. Better to find a somewhat too big dress that can more easily be altered. Avoid going more than 2 sizes bigger though. This is really important if you are not altering it yourself as the cost of alterations are often more than buying new. You also don't want to fall in love with a beautiful old prom dress that makes you faint to zip up and struggle with dieting to fit....way too stressful !!

Another source of a dress beyond the normal shops is a handmade or custom made dress from a local or internet shop, such as an indie designer. Be sure to buy these local to your country to avoid issues with scams and delayed shipping and production times that will put you past the date of your credit card or Paypal return time frames. Many home seamstresses and indie designers can make a one of a kind or made to order gown that fits your budget and measurements perfectly. If what is out there is not fitting your  imagination.....go indie !!


If you've chosen your bridesmaids you will have a sense of what you want the wedding party to look like and will likely have chosen your groom's and groomsmen's clothing too. Remember you don't have to have matching bridesmaid gowns. They can be short, long or asymmetrical. They can all be a similar color with different styles or all the same style and different colors. We used the same design in three colors, but I wouldn't recommend it. Bodies being what they are, it's hard to find any three or four women who look equally good in the same design.

Bridesmaids from ArmourSansAnguish

What can work is having mismatched gowns in similar tones like the pic from Armour Sans Anguish's shop. I really love having the variety of styles on the different figures of the bridesmaids. This also makes having a re-wearable gown easier for each bridesmaid. Since the gown is usually paid for by each woman, it is great if they can be worn again. I gave away 2 or 3 expensive gowns from friend's weddings that weren't really good for another wearing.....ouch ! Think color palettes rather than exact same color too, if possible. A gown with 2 to 3 colors is much easier to coordinate with than a single color. Keep in mind that a single color isn't always easy to wear for different colorings, especially if you have a blonde, brunette and redhead for example. You can easily get these made by indie designers and seamstresses on places like etsy or locally.

The Venue

My second task was to find a place to be married. We attended a church that met in a school on weekends, so we didn't have a church. I wanted a church wedding, but for many couples a venue can often be both a wedding and reception location. Look for a place that allows you to have the type wedding you are envisioning. For an outdoor wedding, the location can often be the same as the reception.

@ BoonetownStory.com


We opted for a church wedding in a local church with a historical chapel that seated a small number and was beautifully ornate. Ours was a candlelight service so the setting was perfect. The church hosted weddings there often and it was not the main meeting area, so it provided a wedding administrator or planner as part of the package. This was so helpful in planning and rehearsing when nerves and confusion set in. Venue reservations need to be booked far in advance so don't delay this step too long if you have your heart set on a location.

Leatherwood Mountains NC - Rustic Wedding Venue

For a reception, we went simple, with party trays and friends to help with the setup and food. We chose a historical mansion(it was tiny) and were happy to find we didn't need to decorate and could take advantage of the fact that they had a Christmas decor contest and it had been decorated by local interior designers - beautiful !! We only added table centerpieces and tablecloths. We supplied the food and cups, plates etc. We forgot something to throw at the bride and groom and got pelted with cocktail peanuts......eek!!

Leatherwood Mountains

You may find a rustic setting is equally great for this type reception, allowing you to forgo the expensive meal and allow a casual, fun party atmosphere. Look for ranches, equestrian retreats, parks, rustic barns and farms. Be sure to enlist the help of creative friends to help and possibly take over table decorations, decor and planning things like flower and garter toss, pictures, etc. A wedding they can help out with will mean so much to close friends and can ensure a fun atmosphere. Don't overburden any one person, but accept help from friends and family where appropriate.

Leatherwood Mountains Rustic Reception

The pics above are from Leatherwood in North Carolina...a perfect rustic wedding venue if you are looking. I don't have any connection to them other than having been there(not for my own wedding). It's pretty !

The Flowers


Surprisingly it is easier to get flowers ordered in bulk and find a creative friend who has an idea or two about flower arranging than to go with a florist. A friend of ours ordered the flowers and did the arranging for us as a wedding gift....it was perfect !!! Thank you Yvonne !!

The Cake

There are so many options with this one. Many people are doing doughnut towers and alternative things beyond the normal wedding cake. I would recommend researching a bit on places like hgtv or wedding sites to see what others do, but don't be trapped into thinking you have to go with the traditional wedding cake. If you do, see if you can get yours made by a friend or someone who has taken a class or two in cake design and is just starting out. My experience was not great, so I don't have too many suggestions here other than do your own thing. There are some cute custom bride and groom sets available on sites like etsy or that you can google. You can get something that looks just like you and your groom. If I were doing it again, I'd just get pink cupcakes with something pretty on top...or maybe pink and white....I just love pink cupcakes ! :)

The Music
You can get really expensive here with a band and DJ or you can just have a simple trio perform for your ceremony. I married a musician who sang a song he wrote for me, but we had friends who sang or played for our ceremony and later for the reception. When they wanted to join the party, we just put on a playlist of our favorites and let people just enjoy the reception.

Apologies if I've given way too much info, but sometimes someone can share experiences that will spark your imagination and off you go. Don't worry about a theme for your reception unless you want to. Remember the theme is you and your groom's relationship being celebrated. Beyond that, just go with the simplest possible thing you can. Making it all happen is exhausting and the more involved it is, the more weary you'll be beginning your life together. Being sick on your honeymoon is not fun !!

Have Fun !!


Despite your best planning, you may find you go over budget somewhere. Don't worry. Often you can scale back in one area to give you that extra few dollars. Just prioritize and only cut back in your least important areas - the things that mean the least to you. One example would be to have the dress you want and use simple wedges for your shoes rather than 'bridal' shoes. Forgo a crinoline and go 'natural'. You'll find ways to trim back and still get the wedding you want.

Be Your Beautiful Self !!

Beautiful @ Boonetown Story (Woodsy Wedding)

Most important of all, treat it like fun !! Make wedding planning like shopping or the boss level of your favorite game and remove some of the stress from it ! Be your beautiful self and remember all that really matters is that you get to spend the rest of your life with your guy !! You'll forget things like who made your pictures or cake...but you'll remember your first kiss as husband and wife and your friends laughter and smiles as you dance at the reception. It's going to be your first day as a new family - everything else is forgettable.


Change in the Air - Summer's End

Lots of change comes about this time of year. There's an almost mechanical end to summer that comes when back to school shopping begins. In Florida it's in the high 90's with crazy humidity, but for buyers, it's a time to move on to fall.

For my shop and business plans the season 'change' has brought a couple of changes that are 'huge' to me. First of all, I got a camera. A real DSLR type camera which I'm struggling to learn to use proficiently. Fall plans involve a photoshoot with real model(s) and I'm gearing up for that. I got a table for cutting out designs so I  can go forward with my limited edition gowns. So far I've only made one of a kind designs with a few custom gowns I've created in a similar style by request. I'm looking to make a limited number of each new design as it's created, probably retiring the designs as they are replaced by new ones.

I still plan on creating one of a kind gowns, but they will not be the main focus. I'm also getting set to create some limited edition fashion too, though it will be along later than the wedding designs.

Another big change for my shop is a new mannequin. She will help me model the pixie hemlines that don't show as well on many gowns. What I specifically wanted her for was accessories. I've been dreaming of making veils and fascinators along with other bridal things like cuffs, garters, lingerie and chokers. Sleeves on long sleeve gowns will finally be a possibility too, adding more designs to the fall and winter wedding options along with the shrugs and crop bolero jackets I'm already making. I'm even hoping to use her to show off swimwear, which is one of those things I'm considering in the resort wear and lingerie category. So far I've limited those designs since they are not workable on a dress form.

Excitement is in the air...and change. Feels like a fun fall !


Kickin Back Time

It's July here and tres hot ! I confess to a bit of burnout and wanting to just put my feet up and dream a little. I'm making plans to feature a few made to order designs beyond my two island gowns that I love. Right now I've been working through the details of these new designs and admittedly not working too hard :)

I like to take a few weeks to ponder fashion trends, think about what I want to pursue and design inspirations like nature, movies and stories and people. I'm trying to decide if a simplified line would work for my designs. I love embellishment, but I know there are lots of people that want a simpler look with just a light touch of whimsy.

So I'm playing with ideas and thinking through things. Not so exciting, but a needed break from full on production keeps me sane ! I also am working on retaking a few photos.

I'm also working on a photoshoot that's upcoming and trying to brush up on my photography skills in case I'm the photographer :)

I'll need to update from my newer point and shoot (which I've never quite been excited about) to a full DSLR and learn the ropes. Hoping that by the time the temps moderate a bit outdoors I will be ready !

Meanwhile, I've made a few gowns in my normal, one of a kind inspirations style. Hope you like them !! Have a fun summer and don't forget to get wet  !



Real Weddings - Isle of Bonaire

Recently Stephanie, one of my brides, got married in Bonaire. I had never heard of it, so I had to look it up to see where it was located. Turns out it's in the Caribbean and is part of the Netherlands. Uniquely, the currency is the US Dollar, which happily makes shopping there a simpler task. It's a haven for snorkeling and scuba diving...and is beautiful !! No wonder they picked it for a gorgeous wedding and honeymoon destination. It's a lovely place to get away from it all - to de-stress and wake up late and feel sand between your toes :) I loved how romantic the photos turned out !


Wispy Cream Wedding Dress - Island Style

Getting married in the tropics or on an island is a little different than your average wedding. I found a site recently where couples go to renew their vows or begin them. On an island in the Caribbean, the ceremony takes place on the beach and is very short. The warm weather, ocean wind and sandy beach combine to make wearing a long dress a bit of a struggle. Many brides give up and wear a sarong or muumuu. Others wear a long dress and change very quickly afterwards.

My hope is for vow renewals to be more of an occasion, and for the pictures and wedding to to not only memorable but romantic and beautiful. I love making short, easy care gowns for brides in a hurry, not comfortable with a long dress or wanting something more casual. Lots of destination or island brides need a dress they can easily pack and take care of themselves by steaming or hanging in the bathroom at their hotel the night before to ease wrinkles. I also try to keep in mind that many brides, especially second wedding or renewal of wedding vows will want to wear the gown later again for a romantic dress. So nothing too over the top, but still one that makes you feel gorgeous and treasured.