Change in the Air - Summer's End

Lots of change comes about this time of year. There's an almost mechanical end to summer that comes when back to school shopping begins. In Florida it's in the high 90's with crazy humidity, but for buyers, it's a time to move on to fall.

For my shop and business plans the season 'change' has brought a couple of changes that are 'huge' to me. First of all, I got a camera. A real DSLR type camera which I'm struggling to learn to use proficiently. Fall plans involve a photoshoot with real model(s) and I'm gearing up for that. I got a table for cutting out designs so I  can go forward with my limited edition gowns. So far I've only made one of a kind designs with a few custom gowns I've created in a similar style by request. I'm looking to make a limited number of each new design as it's created, probably retiring the designs as they are replaced by new ones.

I still plan on creating one of a kind gowns, but they will not be the main focus. I'm also getting set to create some limited edition fashion too, though it will be along later than the wedding designs.

Another big change for my shop is a new mannequin. She will help me model the pixie hemlines that don't show as well on many gowns. What I specifically wanted her for was accessories. I've been dreaming of making veils and fascinators along with other bridal things like cuffs, garters, lingerie and chokers. Sleeves on long sleeve gowns will finally be a possibility too, adding more designs to the fall and winter wedding options along with the shrugs and crop bolero jackets I'm already making. I'm even hoping to use her to show off swimwear, which is one of those things I'm considering in the resort wear and lingerie category. So far I've limited those designs since they are not workable on a dress form.

Excitement is in the air...and change. Feels like a fun fall !