Wispy Cream Wedding Dress - Island Style

Getting married in the tropics or on an island is a little different than your average wedding. I found a site recently where couples go to renew their vows or begin them. On an island in the Caribbean, the ceremony takes place on the beach and is very short. The warm weather, ocean wind and sandy beach combine to make wearing a long dress a bit of a struggle. Many brides give up and wear a sarong or muumuu. Others wear a long dress and change very quickly afterwards.

My hope is for vow renewals to be more of an occasion, and for the pictures and wedding to to not only memorable but romantic and beautiful. I love making short, easy care gowns for brides in a hurry, not comfortable with a long dress or wanting something more casual. Lots of destination or island brides need a dress they can easily pack and take care of themselves by steaming or hanging in the bathroom at their hotel the night before to ease wrinkles. I also try to keep in mind that many brides, especially second wedding or renewal of wedding vows will want to wear the gown later again for a romantic dress. So nothing too over the top, but still one that makes you feel gorgeous and treasured.