Kickin Back Time

It's July here and tres hot ! I confess to a bit of burnout and wanting to just put my feet up and dream a little. I'm making plans to feature a few made to order designs beyond my two island gowns that I love. Right now I've been working through the details of these new designs and admittedly not working too hard :)

I like to take a few weeks to ponder fashion trends, think about what I want to pursue and design inspirations like nature, movies and stories and people. I'm trying to decide if a simplified line would work for my designs. I love embellishment, but I know there are lots of people that want a simpler look with just a light touch of whimsy.

So I'm playing with ideas and thinking through things. Not so exciting, but a needed break from full on production keeps me sane ! I also am working on retaking a few photos.

I'm also working on a photoshoot that's upcoming and trying to brush up on my photography skills in case I'm the photographer :)

I'll need to update from my newer point and shoot (which I've never quite been excited about) to a full DSLR and learn the ropes. Hoping that by the time the temps moderate a bit outdoors I will be ready !

Meanwhile, I've made a few gowns in my normal, one of a kind inspirations style. Hope you like them !! Have a fun summer and don't forget to get wet  !